European Coffee Report

ECF publishes an annual European Coffee Report with basic information on European trade and the national markets of its member associations. The European Coffee Report is issued each June and can be downloaded in pdf-format.

European Coffee Report 2013-14

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Stock Data


Each month the ECF will distribute a port-by-port recapitulation of coffee in warehouses in the major coffee storage port of Europe.

At the moment these are: Antwerp, Bremen, Hamburg, Genova/Savona Vado, Le Havre and Trieste.

The following is a list of total stocks per port compiled by the ECF. They include both LIFFE and NYBOT certified stocks as well as non-exchange stocks. The data are supplied by warehousing and port organisations in the listed port areas. The compilation has been made by the ECF which has no reason to believe the data is not reasonably accurate, but no assurance is given or representation made as to the accuracy of all or any of the material.

OTA Guidelines

OTA risk management: Guidelines for green coffee buying
Guidelines green coffee buying rev1 01.03.05  

Quality Control for  OTA in Coffee
Quality Control for OTA in coffee   

Position Papers

ECF Position Paper PGI's and Trademarks  
ECF Position Paper Sustainability 
ECF Position Paper Public Procurement 
ECF Position Paper Commodities Action Plan  

















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