The European Coffee Federation (ECF) is the single voice of the European coffee trade and industry, facilitating the development of an environment in which the industry can meet the needs of consumers and society, while competing effectively to ensure the resilience and long-term sustainability of the coffee supply chain, from farm to cup. Established in 1981, ECF represents the interests of the European green coffee traders, roasted and soluble coffee manufacturers, decaffeinators, coffeehouses and warehousekeepers.

The European Coffee Federation counts 16 national associations and 37 company members across Europe, and speaks for over 700 companies, ranging from SMEs to internationally operating companies, representing an estimated total import volume of 40 million coffee bags, or approximately 35% of the world coffee trade volume.

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Our Priorities

ECF offers a forum for exchange, identifying industry-wide issues of common interest in the areas of food safety, sustainability and international trade. The European Coffee Federation is engaged in an open dialogue with the European authorities and relevant stakeholders. We do recognise the need for an effective EU regulatory framework guaranteeing a high level of consumer protection and a level playing field for industry across Europe.

Food safety & compliance
Responsible sourcing & consumption
International Trade

The European Coffee Federation represents the interests of its members towards the European institutions, industry and consumer associations, as well as consumers.

The European Coffee Federation is registered in the EU Transparency Register (no. 958482431512-92), a database of special interest groups whose goal is to influence the law-making and policy implementation process of the EU institutions. The European Coffee Federation complies with their Code of Conduct in all its relations with the EU institutions and their representatives.

ECF in the EU Transparency Register