Fourth ITC Roundtable on Deforestation-free Global Value Chains, 6 December 2022, Brussels and online


The International Trade Centre, with the support of the European Coffee Federation (ECF), European Compound Feed & Premix Industry (FEFAC) and the European Cocoa Association (ECA), will organise its fourth roundtable on deforestation-free global value chains “Paving the road towards implementation of the new proposed EU regulation on deforestation-free products” on 6 December 2022.

Building on the preceding three sessions in March, May and June 2022, this fourth session on 6 December will focus the discussions on the identification of constructive and tangible actions towards the implementation of the EU proposed regulation on deforestation-free products.

This session will aim to develop recommendations for inclusive multi-stakeholder partnerships on deforestation-free actions and policies and will include a high-level plenary panel and technical breakout sessions focusing on the following areas:

•             Traceability as a means of demonstrating and validating compliance;

•             Inclusion of local stakeholders in producing countries;

•             Models of partnerships towards implementation of the new regulation;

•             Existing approaches and good practices.

The 4th roundtable will result in greater clarity on what is expected to happen in 2023 and beyond, enhanced transparency on how shared accountability and responsibility on deforestation-free global value chains could be defined, and better understanding on practical, inclusive and effective actions that could feed into the development of implementation guidelines.

The event will be held in a hybrid format, with the possibility to attend in person in Brussels. To ensure productive discussions, participants will be engaged ahead of the event and invited to share materials such as case studies, good practices, and proposals.

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Please note that all resources, including the summaries of the previous sessions, are available here: