Ignazio Messina & C. receives the ECF Best Shipping Line of the Year Award for the coffee year 2021-2022


Since 2018, the European Coffee Federation (ECF) has been evaluating shipping line performance and awarding the best performer with the ECF Best Shipping Line of the Year award. Ignazio Messina & C. has been recognised as the best shipping line for the coffee year 2021-2022.

The award is granted based on the results of the ECF survey for shipping line performance that is distributed amongst the members of the ECF Logistics Committee. Amongst others, the following aspects are taken into consideration: schedule, frequency, transit time performance, availability of suitable containers and vessel space, booking acceptance, timely release of container at destination or customer service.  This year, two relevant additional aspects have been included: the capacity in matching the specific coffee industry needs and the adaptability and flexibility of the shipping line during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bestowing took place onboard the Jolly Titanio moored at the IMT Terminal – Messina in Genoa.

For further information, please contact the ECF Secretariat.