InfoPoint conference “Insights into the coffee supply chain. A multifaceted reality”, 13 June 2023, Brussels and online


The European Coffee Federation (ECF), Rikolto and DG INTPA of the European Commission organise an InfoPoint conference “Insights into the coffee supply chain. A multifaceted reality” on 13 June 2023, from 11:00 to 13:00 (CEST).

The aim of the conference is to raise further public awareness about the coffee supply chain, which is complex and differs greatly according to the different countries of production. Coffee is grown in over 60 countries, exclusively located in the area called the “coffee belt”, which is located around the globe between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer. Coffee is cultivated on 12.5 million coffee farms, out of which 85% are smaller than 2 hectares, having been estimated that smallholder farmers produce up to 73% of all coffee. Additionally, one quarter of these farms are managed by women, providing up to 70% of the labour in coffee production.

The event will bring together representatives of smallholder farmers in coffee, cooperative representatives, and the coffee trade and industry. The objective of the event is to hear the views, concerns and expectations of different coffee actors to provide a better understanding of the sector and its specificities. We will also be learning about some sustainability initiatives undertaken in different producing countries to improve the living conditions of local farmers and small producers, while minimising the impact of coffee production on the environment.

The speakers are:

  • Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit, Sustainable Agri-food systems and Fisheries, DG INTPA F3, EC
  • Eileen Gordon-Laity, Secretary General, European Coffee Federation
  • Chris Claes, Executive Director, Rikolto
  • Nadia Hoarau-Mwaura, Sustainability Director, JDE
  • Léopold Mumbere, Coffee/Cocoa Programme Director for East Africa and DRC Focal Point, Rikolto
  • Napoleón Molina, Coffee Programme Director for Latin America, Rikolto

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