EFICO Foundation


At EFICO, green coffee specialist since 1926, contributing to a positive impact and coffee legacy is key. Our sustainable sourcing commitment goes hand in hand with investment in a sustainable coffee future through our EFICO Foundation.


Established as a private foundation in 2003 by Patrick F. Installé, late member of EFICO’s founding family and Michel Germanès, Managing Director, the EFICO Foundation’s goal is to positively impact coffee farmers’ livelihoods, prosperity and environment. The multi-stakeholder approach adopted is unique and is a dynamic tool to foster partnerships. The EFICO Foundation is about PEOPLE – from coffee farmers, their families and local communities to coffee roasters and coffee lovers.


Innovative and scalable projects are supported in coffee producing countries, along with the coffee roasting community and institutional partners.

Key activities:

Foster partnership building, quality education, knowledge transfer, actively work to adapt to and mitigate negative effects of climate change & sustainable income increase for coffee farmers

Signature projects/tools:

Priority Countries and corresponding areas of activities:

Since 2003, the EFICO Foundation reports back and shares learnings on more than 70 projects in 17 producing countries. This fits within a larger framework of our commitment to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals.