Enveritas Inc


Enveritas aims to overcoming systemic barriers that are preventing sustainability solutions for smallholder farmers. They have harnessed the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce cost and fraud in sustainability audits. This allows them to conduct sustainability assurance at a scale that has not been possible before and for this service to be provided free to farmers. To date, they have conducted over 300,000 in-person farmer interviews.

At scale, Enveritas can generate resources to address solutions for farmers and the environment, such as targeted remediation projects, accurate assessments of GHG footprints and precision identification of deforestation. At this point, Enveritas has expanded into 26 coffee origin countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and is working with three of the top five coffee companies in the world. They have also begun work on cocoa, with full coverage of Ivory Coast and an expansion into Latin America cocoa planned in 2022.


Enveritas has several industry partners (JDE, Nestlé, Peets) and receives philanthropic support from some industry-linked foundations (Jacobs, Benckiser).

Key activities

Enveritas focuses on data collection activities in major coffee and cocoa production countries, as well as on at-scale interventions enabled by technological innovation (A.I., deep learning, data analytics, mobile payments).

Signature projects/tools

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Priority Countries and corresponding areas of activities

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