Lavazza Foundation


In 2004, in order to coordinate, manage and effectively implement economic, social and environmental sustainability projects in coffee growing countries, Lavazza Company established the non-profit Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation. Ever since, the Foundation has been promoting and financing a wide range of sustainability projects in coffee-producing countries, in some cases on its own and in others through public and private partnerships.


Lavazza Foundation implements projects with different approaches: direct projects where Lavazza Foundation operates as the unique donor (e.g. Tierra Project implemented by HRNS); projects in pre-competitive partnership co-financed by other roasters or traders (ICP, C&C); projects in partnership with suppliers (Sucafina, LDC); projects in partnership with NGOs (Oxfam, Save the Children).

Key activities

The main areas of work to achieve the Foundation’s objectives are spreading good agricultural practices that promote greater coffee quality and respect for the environment, supporting coffee producers to allow them to set up and manage their own organizations: such as associations, cooperatives or companies. Promoting gender equality within families and communities; enhancing the work of the younger generations, through training programs that motivate them not to abandon the production lands and become coffee entrepreneurs; promoting the diversification of production by ensuring food security; supporting reforestation, spreading agricultural techniques that allow producers to respond effectively to the effects of climate change. Introducing a technological component to support coffee cultivation techniques.

Signature projects/tools

24 projects in 17 countries impacted on more than 97.000 beneficiaries.

  • Projects focusing on coffee quality enhancement and community support (Tierra projects, ICP projects):

ICP project Brazil:;

Guatemala/Honduras/El Salvador ICP Trifinio:;

Colombia technology transformation:

  • Projects with a specific social focus (India, Uganda):

India:; Uganda:

  • Projects focusing on nature conservation (Perù, Ethiopia)



Lavazza Foundation implements many other projects not mentioned in the list. Further projects are available on the website indicated above.

Priority countries

Lavazza Foundation works in three main world areas:

  • America (with highest concentration of projects in Brazil and Colombia);
  • Africa (with highest concentration of projects in Tanzania and Uganda);
  • Asia (with highest concentration of projects in Vietnam).