More than a Cup by Strauss Group


As one of the world’s largest green coffee buyers, Strauss Group’s Coffee Division launched the More than a Cup (MTAC) initiative in 2016 as a strategic commitment. The aim of the program is to support women-led coffee farms and / or cooperatives with the aim to create maximum tangible and measurable benefits for the most marginalized coffee producers. By enhancing the capabilities of coffee growers’ communities, especially local women coffee growers, we help develop women’s skills and contribute to local prosperity, project by project.


Strauss Group is acting as donor and has several collaborations with local partners in coffee origin countries.

Key activities

Currently, the MTAC initiative includes 10 different projects, supporting coffee growers’ communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. All projects operate through direct partnerships and invest in individual long-term projects, which consider the very specific need of each group of producers. By now the projects reached over 13’000 households and farms.

Signature projects/tools

Below an overview of the current projects and activities:

Priority Countries and corresponding areas of activities

Strauss Group’s Coffee Division is currently running six projects in Africa, three in Central- and South America and one in Asia.