Nescafé Plan


Launched in 2010, the Nescafé Plan is how we Create Shared Value (CSV) in the coffee sector for farmers, communities and our planet and our commitment to continuously support responsible and increasingly sustainable value chains. It accelerated and expanded the work we had been doing for many decades to assist in ensuring the long-term supply of quality green coffee. It focuses on making coffee farming a more attractive activity for the present and future generations of coffee farmers, as well as improving the environmental footprint of both coffee farming and our own operations.


Over the past 10 years we have worked with several donors like GIZ, SDC, USAID, IDH and RVO.

There are several partners with different roles, in responsible sourcing (4C, Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade among others), Farmer programs (FNC, EDE, Fundación Cohonducafe, Kahawatu, among others) and a global impact assessment partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.

Key activities:

The Nescafe Plan activities focus on responsible sourcing, improving farmer livelihoods and tackling climate change.

In responsible sourcing, to know where the coffee came from and how it was grown, we are significantly expanding our supplies of responsibly sourced coffee every year. We are already the largest single buyer of responsibly sourced coffee and look to reach 100% over the coming years.

For improving farmer livelihoods, we have farmer programs active in 15 countries, Arabica and Robusta across Latin America, Africa and Asia, reaching nearly 100’000 farmers every year with focus on improving farm economics as well as tailored social programs for women, youth and farmer business knowledge.

As for improving the environmental footprint of coffee farming, we have tailored programs for water conservation, optimized fertilization, agroforestry and intercropping.

Signature projects/tools:

  • 530k MT of Responsibly Sourced coffee in 2019 (65% of total supplies)
  • Farmer programs in 15 countries, reaching nearly 100’000 farmers every year
  • 225 mio coffee plantlets distributed to farmers since 2010
  • More than 700’000 farmer trainings since 2010
  • 10 Arabica and 5 Robusta new and improved varieties from our breeding program released across 5 origin countries
  • 45% factory GHG emissions reduction per MT of soluble coffee vs. 2010
  • 52% factory direct water withdrawal reduction per MT of soluble coffee vs. 2010

Priority countries and corresponding areas of activities

We have active farmer programs in (alphabetical order): Brazil, China, Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Thailand and Vietnam.