Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency


SIDA is a government agency working on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government, with the mission to reduce poverty in the world. Through its work and in cooperation with others, SIDA contributes to implementing Sweden’s Policy for Global Development (PGU). SIDA strives to reduce world poverty by allocating resources and knowledge with the goal of making a difference for people in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. To achieve this, SIDA collaborates with actors from civil society and universities as well as the public and private sector.


Sweden’s development cooperation resources are funded through tax revenue. The starting point for SIDA is always traditional official development Assistance. In order to implement strategies and carry out our work, SIDA cooperates with many organisations, associations, agencies, companies and cooperatives that with their function and knowledge base in our society constitute a pivotal role in development cooperation. SIDA also has multi-stakeholders’ partnerships such as Swedish Leadership for Sustainable Development, Swedish Investors for Sustainable Development, Power Africa, USAID. Moreover, SIDA cooperates with the private sector, public sector and civil society organisations.


The overall objective of Swedish development cooperation is to ensure that people living in poverty and under oppression could improve their living conditions. To carry out this mission in an effective and strategic way, SIDA works broadly across several sectors such as democracy, human rights and freedom of expression, gender equality, environment and climate, health, market development, agriculture and food security, education, sustainable societal development, conflict, peace and security and humanitarian aid.

Working to promote a sustainable and equal society is a very important part of Swedish development aid. SIDA mainly focuses its support through initiatives in the following areas: improved water resource management, increased access to clean water and basic sanitation; improved access to sustainable energy alternatives; sustainable cities.

Within coffee field, since 2010 SIDA has been a partner in the international Coffee and Climate Initiative. In this initiative, public and private actors cooperate to increase coffee farmers’ ability to live off their agriculture, both today and in the future. Private coffee companies are the driving force behind the cooperation. The Initiative includes farmers in Tanzania, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.



SIDA has bilateral development cooperation with 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. SIDA also has regional development cooperation in Africa, Asia, the Middle East & North Africa and Europe and supports organisations that contribute to poverty reduction globally.