Volcafe Way


Founded in 1851, Volcafe is one of the top three coffee merchants sourcing 12% of the world’s export of market. Specialists in worldwide green coffee procurement, we provide beans for 80 billion cups of coffee a year

We founded Volcafe Way in 2014 as a unique global approach to sourcing high-quality coffees sustainably, largely focused on generating sustainable profitability for producers and helping them manage the social and environmental challenges they face.


In this program we cooperate commercially with many roasters. Additionally, we have also partnered with the NGO Fundación Paraguaya to pilot their ground-breaking multi-dimensional poverty index assessment technology, the Poverty Stoplight (Semaforo de Pobreza).

Key activities:

Through Volcafe Way and its 250 agronomists and technicians we:

  • provide direct technical assistance to farmers, helping them to continually improve their coffee quality, farm productivity and yields;
  • train farmers in sustainable production and good agronomy;
  • help producers manage social and environmental challenges and risks, gather data and focus on measurable results that green-buyer customers can monitor and verify;
  • create business-model farms: learning hubs in which surrounding communities can exchange best practices

Our focus on farm profitability is at the core of our Theory of Change. Therefore, we focus on:

  • Intervention at the farm level;
  • Consistent farm profitability;
  • Close working relationships between producers and Farmer Support Organization (FSO) teams;
  • Business and agronomy advice that’s informed by detailed cost-of-production data derived and analysed on a farm-by-farm basis;
  • Connecting producers and roasters in direct, long-term sourcing relationships.

Signature projects/tools:

  • Our Volcafe Way experts have developed an app that allows us to capture and analyze all field-related data and track the sustainable profitability ‘progress’ made by our coffee families.
  • For information on projects, please check the Volcafe Way website: www.volcafeway.com.

Priority countries and corresponding areas of activities

Volcafe Way is now active in ten countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America: Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Tanzania and Uganda.